We provide food safety and hygiene training for local chefs, school cooks, nannies, new mothers, orphanages and street stall food workers in Lesotho. ​

Unsafe food poses a threat to the health of those living in Lesotho. Everyone is at risk of foodborne illness including infants, young children, expectant mothers, the eldery and like so many in Lesotho, people with compromised immune systems.

Food can become contaminated throughout the food chain, from on the farm to handling at home. To protect those who are most vulnerable, everyone who prepares food for themselves and others should have the basic tools and knowledge on how to store, handle and prepare safe food.

CHEF will be running free food safety and hygiene courses in Maseru throughout 2022 to anyone who wishes to attend. If you are interested please contact us at [email protected] for further details. 

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