Moeketsi – or ‘Max’ – from Malealea is one of our first funding recipients. He was unemployed and had no source of income. He asked for some funding to help start his own popcorn business in his village to purchase the materials to build a basic shack, buy a gas ring burner with gas, a large pot with lid, a few sacks of corn and some paper bags. Now Moeketsi has his own business in the mountains to support his family. We caught up with Max to see how ‘Mountain Corn’ is going.
Has opening the business made a difference to your life, how?

Yes it changes my life completely, because I am able to feed my family and pay the
school fees for my kids.

Why did you choose this business to open?

Because I love it and I want to get more money.

Are you struggling less, now you have your own business?

Yes, because I am able to provide my family for everything they need.

What is the best part about being a business owner?

To be able to make decisions.

How has opening the business helped you and your living situation?

It helps me a lot provided that I was not working before, now I am able to help my

How has it been since you opened your business?

It’s has been hectic because I work non-stop, but on the other hand it’s

Are you happy with the way your business is going?

Before I was happy, now, no, because it’s January so the turnover it’s low, there is no

What are your next business goals?

To make my business being well-known, and also to build my own building.

It helps me a lot provided that I was not working before, now I am able to help my family.

Max, Mountain Corn – CHEF Funding recipient.

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