Meet the entrepreneur: Khoatsana

This young Masotho, Mampona Khoatsana, now has her own shop full of stock and is able to kickstart her business and make some money for herself and her child. Khoatsana

Meet the entrepreneur: Florina

Florina completed the set for our first recipients of CHEF Funding in Lesotho. She lost her job at the embassy during the pandemic and had been making food and knocking

Meet the entrepreneur: Max

Moeketsi – or ‘Max’ – from Malealea is one of our first funding recipients. He was unemployed and had no source of income. He asked for some funding to help start

Meet the entrepreneur: Didy

We caught up with Didy, one of our first funding recipients who was excited to open up her very own fast food business – the first of its kind in

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