Raising money through events in the UK to fund small business start ups & education for people in Lesotho.

The Catering, Hospitality and Education Foundation was set up to help unemployed people in Lesotho either find work or enable them to start their own small catering related business.

By offering education or funding to unemployed people in Lesotho we hope to give them a helping hand to achieve their dreams.

Lesotho, also known as the ‘Kingdom in the Sky’, is a landlocked country within Southern Africa with a population of 2.1 million.

It has stunning scenery as it’s mainly made up of high lands with the lowest point being 1,400m above sea level. Many of the villages can only be reached by horseback. Unemployment is high, with high inequality and poverty. 

The people are Basotho, they speak Sesotho in Lesotho!…

Programme #1


We support entrepreneurs and their catering related start ups with essential finances.

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Didy purchasing equipment for her food business

Programme #2


We equip entrepreneurs and businesses with regular educational support.

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Take part in a fundraising event

We host events across the year to help keep our programmes running – keep an eye out for how to get involved, or talk to us about any ideas you have to hold an event.


Your contribution to C.H.E.F. makes a real and direct impact to those who need it in Lesotho.

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